baritone Joseph Lattanzi was

a delight both vocally & dramatically"

 -Opera Today 



"I was most impressed with Joseph Lattanzi (Dandini), whose instrument sounds fully-formed; he matched ... coloratura note-for-note, but also spun a legato that was rich and luscious in all registers."

Robert Battey

A Beast in a Jungle

"Joseph Lattanzi, a familiar face with the VO, again delighted with his warm, rounded baritone as crafty valet Dandini."

John Shulson

The Virginian-Pilot

"With a relaxed demeanor and a seemingly effortless baritone delivery, Lattanzi stands out in a role that might be overlooked in some productions."

Bob Ashby

DC Metro Theater Arts

"Baritone Joseph Lattanzi was note-perfect as the Count, bringing dramatic weight, ideal comic timing, and vocal authority."

Rafael de Acha

Seen and Heard International

"Each role was wonderfully sung and acted... Lattanzi was a charismatic, virile Count Almaviva with a strong baritone and a mean streak."

Janelle Gelfand

Cincinnati Business Courier

"The soloists were incredible, and very well cast in their roles. Baritone Joseph Lattanzi, in his lead role as the unrepentant libertine Don Giovanni, imbued his role as the snarky, arrogant Don with just the right combination of charm and menace."

Timothy Tuller

Florida Times-Union

Joseph Lattanzi was a long-suffering Audebert who could have been any mother’s son trying to contend with army regulations. His haunting voice was memorable.”

Maria Nockin


"Lt. Audebert (sung by baritone Joseph Lattanzi) ...an alum of Arizona Opera's Marion Roose Pullin young artists program, was thrilling with a deeply nuanced baritone that resonated with heartfelt emotion"

Cathelena E. Burch

Arizona Daily Star

"Joseph Lattanzi, a mellow-voiced, charismatic baritone"

Anthony Tommasini

New York Times

"Joseph Lattanzi recreates his Hawkins Fuller splendidly, bringing out the character’s deeply conflicted nature with a resonant baritone and a charismatic stage presence. Like Timothy, you want to love and hate this guy at the same time."

John von Rhien

Chicago Tribune

Aaron Blake (Tim) and ... Joseph Lattanzi (Hawk), with his strapping, enveloping baritone, play off each other perfectly ... Lattanzi covers a broad dramatic range, from the cheerful confidence of his attractive public face to the quiet, genuine affection he unexpectedly feels for Tim.

Joshua Rosenblum

Opera News March 2018 Recording Review "Critics Choice"

"baritone Joseph Lattanzi as Hawkins Fuller is all warm bonhomie and surface charm with something elusive and shifting behind the attractive facade. Lattanzi’s warm lyric baritone and Arrow Collar Man good looks give the character a seductive charisma that makes us empathize with all who come under his influence."

Eli Jacobson

Gay City News

"Aaron Blake's Tim and Joseph Lattanzi's Hawk showed remarkable dramatic chemistry and vocal compatibility, with Blake's glowing, youthful tenor and Lattanzi's capacious, charismatic baritone immediately establishing the balance of power."

Joshua Rosenblum

Opera News PROTOTPYE festival review

"The leading men are both terrific ... Baritone Joseph Lattanzi hit precisely the right louche note with his smirk and light, lithe voice, and, whatever his sexual orientation, he convinced utterly as a top man in the first act’s sex scene."

James Jorden


"Joseph Lattanzi was splendid as Hawk, his buttery baritone luxuriant and robust."

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim

New York Times

No string of superlatives can do justice to the masculine security of Lattanzi's singing and his convincing transformation from self-confident, reckless love to deeply despairing heartbreaker.”

Jason Victor Serinus

Opera Now Magazine (UK)

"Baritone Joseph Lattanzi was superb as the smooth-talking, handsome Hawk"

Heidi Waleson

Wall Street Journal

"The robust baritone Joseph Lattanzi delivered a compelling, multilayered portrait of [Hawkins] Fuller."

John Von Rhein

Chicago Tribune

"Joseph Lattanzi brought ... a confident, handsome presence, and a resonant baritone suggesting wells of feeling ... "

Fred Cohn

Opera News

“Hawkins [was] sung by Joseph Lattanzi with overarching self-confidence and brio

Jay Harvey

American Record Guide

"In the central role of Hawkins Fuller ... baritone Joseph Lattanzi delivers a career-making performance ... with a creamy lyric baritone and matinee idol looks..."

Rafael de Acha

Seen and Heard International

"Lattanzi’s rich baritone, combined with his imposing height is swoon-worthy and could probably charm the pants off of Rush Limbaugh..."

Ryan Leeds


"the most striking moment of the second act is Hawk’s aria “Our Very Own Home.” Spears sets a melismatic vocal line—sung in a full, yet agile baritone by Joseph Lattanzi..."

Amanda Cook


" As Hawk, a handsome state department official, Lattanzi exuded the swagger of the office charmer. He easily seduced the ladies (he eventually marries one) as well as the younger Timothy ... he sang in a mellifluous baritone..."

Janelle Gelfand

Cincinnati Enquirer

"as Don Giovanni Joseph Lattanzi was a delight both vocally and dramatically...he achieved a high plane of vocalism and dramatic purpose whenever he was on stage"

Maria Nockin

Opera Today

"Undeniable star potential...superb baritone Joseph Lattanzi...immensely energetic, nigh-flawless Count Almaviva..."

Jason Victor Serinus

San Francisco Classical Voice

"Baritone Joseph Lattanzi was a superb Count Almaviva...unmistakable charisma...the two numbers at the beginning of Act 3 which found him moving from oily seductiveness to explosive rage, made a vocal and theatrical tour de force"

Joshua Kosman

San Francisco Chronicle

"Joseph Lattanzi made a charismatic Guglielmo, whose singing was both robust and lyrical..."

Janelle Gelfand

Cincinnati Enquirer

"Baritone Joseph Lattanzi combined robust vocalism, deft soft-shoe skills and

plenty of charisma."

Joshua Kosman

San Francisco Chronicle

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